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  • Call Us: + 971 6 5572206   | Email us:   info@growth-technologies.com
  • Call Us: + 971 6 5572206

    Email us:   info@growth-technologies.com

about us

We are a premier Enterprise Consulting and Implementation service company catering to customers across the globe. We assist our customers in advancing their business processes by speeding up communication and information flow, thus enhancing productivity immensely, extending their enterprise to their clients and suppliers. Growth Technologies - with a rich experience in the implementation of Enterprise business accounting solutions on Growth Technologies enterprise framework - offers a complete solution, which includes consultancy, design, development, implementation and training. We enhance value to our customers by bringing to the table an excellent understanding of business accounting processes. At Growth Technologies we follow a well-defined methodology that enables customers to exploit the benefits of Growth Technologies quickly, and in most cost-effective manner possible. The secret of Growth Technologies's success lies in its flexibility, responsiveness to customers, encouragement and reward to employees and well satisfied business partners. Growth has an excellent track record in IT consultancy and services, serving customers in varied sectors such as Manufacturing, Bulk Process, Chemicals, Engineering, Packaging, Pharmaceuticals, Distribution, Trading, Schools, Transportation, Retails & Government Organisations. Promoters of Growth technologies has been associated with Growth Technologies for over 5 years now. A whopping 1500 customers have played a significant role in its success. Over the years,Growth Technologies has spread Growth's customer-base all across the globe, by consistently providing solutions on Tally.

About us

We are a company which adheres to the business needs of customers from all over the world. We are focused on helping our customers enhance their business operations and processes while making it easier for them to manage their client base and other stakeholders in an efficient manner. We at Growth Technologies deliver a wide range of support services regarding the Tally software. We look...

Being an experienced veteran and a front runner when it comes to providing Tally services, we at Growth Technologies have an everlasting knack of fulfilling our customers’ desires while endowing upon them sheer satisfaction. Our consistent professionalism and quality services make us stand out amongst other mainstream service providers.We at Growth Technologies happily boast of our reliability...


At Growth Technologies, we believe that our people are our greatest asset. Dynamic teams of consultants, Project Managers, Growth Technologies experts spread across various specialization areas. Every individual's views, ambitions and aspirations together form the Growth way of life. The staff at Growth Technologies has played an important role in its success. This adds value to the system, as the sales and support queries are addressed promptly, resulting in complete customer satisfaction. Every team member at Growth Technologies has personal goals in synchronisation with vision of the company - such as heading a department or a branch. Not surprisingly, achieving personal landmarks as well as playing a significant role in the success of the Organization is a reality.

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