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Important Points to Remember for Buying Tally Software Online

Important Points to Remember for Buying Tally Software Online

Important Points to Remember for Buying Tally Software Online

Are you interested in buying the Tally ERP 9 software for your UAE based business? Are you confused and flummoxed as to from where you should buy this software? Brace yourself! You are just about to get all your doubts solved regarding the decision to buy Tally software online for the UAE region!

Before moving on directly towards the ultimate decision of choosing a reliable Tally Software Dealer for you, it is downright advisable to consider acquiring some basic knowledge such as what type of Tally ERP 9 software do you really need and what qualities plus features a Tally Software Dealer offers to you.




Tally ERP 9 software comes in a variety of two versions:

  1. Silver Edition
    This version is for single users only. It is meant for usage by one single user or a computer at a time.
  2. Gold Edition
    This version offers the facility of multi-usage to the user. Meaning, it can be accessed by a number of computers which are a part of a common network.



Before buying, one needs to keep in mind that apart from making the purchase of the software, the after-services matter too.

  1. Does the Tally Software Dealer offer such assistance?
  2. Does it come with extra charges?
  3. What about support services and issue-resolving assistance?
  4. Are you being charged reasonably?
  5. Is the Tally Software Dealer critically acclaimed amongst others in the market?
Such questions must ponder into the buyer’s mind before taking the final step of buying the software.


Coming to the crux, there are a few very significant factors that prove to be just the criteria that you need to know while deciding upon the Tally Software Dealer from which you can buy the Tally accounting software for Dubai area.

  1. Customization –
    Are you being offered the option of availing tally report customization UAE region? According to the category of your business, you might definitely need some specific alterations and enhancements in certain Tally modules and hence, customization features help you achieve the same quite effortlessly.
  2. Assistance –
    It is crucial to have support services and assistance pertaining to software updates, functional upgrades, security aspects, features’ refurbishment, etc. Make sure the Tally Software Dealer you choose commits to deliver services such as these.
  3. Transparency –
    Taking from the mode of payment to the signing of contractual agreements between you and your Tally Software Dealer, everything must be kept in mind! Validity periods and all other terms & conditions must be comprehended well by you. Transparency is the key to every business association and relation.
  4. Reasonability –
    Try your best not to get overcharged! Yes, it is a tricky factor as you might end up paying more than you should. Therefore, take second opinions, research a bit from your side and convince yourself as to which Tally software dealer is the best for your company’s interests!
  5. Co-operation –
    Does the Tally Software Dealer look co-operative? Are your priorities given enough emphasis and importance? It is quite pivotal for you to be understood by your Tally Software Dealer. Your preferences, your business and software needs, your focus and of course, your priorities, must be understood thoroughly by your Tally Software Dealer in order to obtain satisfactory and desirable results.

Other important aspects like experience of the dealer, client base, marketing prowess of the dealer, additional features, etc. should also be considered by you. One such highly trusted dealer is Growth Technologies, where you can find complete tally solutions for your business! Just the right product for you and just the right services for you at unbelievably reasonable prices is what this dealer is all about!