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Tally Server 9

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Tally Server 9

Tally server 9 is the product by tally for the companies having larger group and multiple users for their growing business needs. The main aim of Tally server 9 is to handle multi user task at one time. It gives accessibility to tally ERP-9 with multiple user access. Multiple users can work at the same time, increase the work capability and complete the needs for the company. Users at a same time can generate reports, can do billing, entry of new invoice, can import data, print reports, backup data and many such other related work can be done simultaneously. Features of Tally Server 9 are here below.

Multiple users can complete the task at same time. One can also perform other data related activities without any downtime or wait state. Two users working on the same file, if any one user updates some changes the other user can immediately see the changes. With the greater speed of task completion and zero downtime, Tally Server 9 ensures optimal utilization of person-hours for the organization and efficient working facilities.

As it supports multiple user access, data protection plays an important role. Tally server 9 supports data protection in multiple ways. It allows one user to set the permission for the file for the access by multiple users. Files Access can be password protected by user. An individual login-password provided to User and it have access to specific functionality according to his role for the company. Administrator rights are reserved, so the head of the company can view that complete company operations.

Users can identify issues such as person-hours necessary for business functions and further optimize the software to make the process quicker. The administrator can monitor the current process going on by the users. Instantaneous speed of operation enables the user to immediate access of information at your fingertips. This helps for quick decisions and thus reducing the turn-around time for business operation..

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Tally Server 9 Dhs 34865.00