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Tally Module Customization UAE

Best Tally Module Customization Solutions in UAE!

If you are a business owner who is seeking Tally Module Customization in UAE, then you have arrived at the right place! We provide elegant Tally solutions customized as per the needs and requirements of your business.

We care for your Business and preach to deliver customized Tally solutions to help you manage your business in a better and more accurate manner. We offer elaborate Tally Module Customization services in UAE in order to fulfill your company’s specific management necessities. Our wide range of custom Tally modules not only ensures convenience but also suit your company’s particular software requirements. We promise a vast scope of customization for various modules of Tally. It includes the following features –

  • Accounts Management Related Modules

We help you with a customized Tally module that includes cost center balance sheet report, cost center profit and loss statements, cost center in trial balance statement, monthly outstanding statements along with LPO number, and the module for a salesman.

  • Inventory Management Related Modules

We offer customized tally modules that consist of month-wise sales summary report, under-performing stock control, final selling price in the sales voucher, average & last purchase cost in sales voucher, control over selling price falling under cost price, etc.

  • Security Related Modules

Our Tally Module Customization solutions in UAE take into consideration your company’s security management very sincerely. Thus, we provide customized Tally modules for security control over voucher types, account groups, voucher authorization and authentication, ledger, godown, and cost center. Customized modules for hiding of cost price for inventory users, control over the cancellation of vouchers for users and control over backup or restoration of vouchers for users are also provided.

  • Other Basic Modules

We also deliver customized Tally module services related to CEO’s dashboard, a feature of setting system date as voucher date at the time of making an entry, control over advance voucher number, reports having grid lines, uploading images of documents, voucher templates for invoice, payment, receipt, etc.

We believe in utilizing innovation to its best potential and hence, we can get your tally modules customized for you as per certain demands. Providing tally modules which support the style of your business and management is our first priority, so as to help you run your business without any hassle. Other than the above-mentioned features, customized tally modules for sales management, payroll management, manufacturing and costing management, etc. are also provided by us in order to meet and fulfill your existing as well as future business needs.

The customized tally add-ons or modules that we offer can help your company preserve a lot of its precious time and resources. Here is a list of some other modules of Tally for which we provide customization solutions –

  • Auto-Email Modules
  • Tally SMS Module
  • Approval Matrix Module
  • Document Attachment Module
  • Group-wise Invoicing Module
  • Category wise Invoicing Module
  • Free Items through Schemes Module


We are also keen to provide such customized modules for your business which are demanded exclusively by you. If you are on a journey to find the best Tally module customization in UAE, then here we are!